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All agreements made between parties, whether commercial or personal, public or private, should be made in writing and drafted by a solicitor. Kabo Lawyers will give you peace of mind that your rights are protected.

Contracts & Agreements

In conjunction with its commercial and corporate practice, we have extensive experience in assisting parties by advising on and drafting a range of documentation including:

  • Supply/distribution agreements

  • Employment contracts

  • Partnership agreements

  • Intellectual Property assignment agreements

  • Commission agreements

  • Commercial and corporate contracts

  • And a range of other contracts and agreements to suit the commercial needs of clients.

We understand that individuals of different backgrounds bring a cultural understanding of contract agreements, and this understanding will warrant an experienced and qualified solicitor to ensure that a fair and representative document is properly drafted.

We foster communication and understanding between parties to Agreements to ensure that all parties know their rights and obligations.

If our clients require the terms of Agreement to be translated or interpreted in a language other than English, a member of our multilingual team can assist with this or arrange an interpreting or translation service.

While we will often try to provide a fixed-fee option for our costs when possible, complex matters may require incremental estimates to be provided at different stages. In complex matters fees will be charged on an hourly basis as per the rates of the lawyers working on the matter.

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