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We understand the multi-faceted aspects of your commercial and corporate needs. We take a sensible, practical approach together with an understanding of doing business in a global environment.

Commercial & Corporate

In conjunction with our property and litigation teams, our commercial law services include:

  • Preparation of 

      • Sale of Business Agreements

      • Transfers of Registered Business Names

      • Lease Agreements

      • Transfers of Lease

      • Deeds of Consent/Assignment of Lease

      • Surrenders of Lease

      • Release of Guarantors

      • Disclosure Statements

      • Subleases

      • Licensing Agreements

    • Company Power of Attorney

  • Advice and action on 

    • Acquisition, development and sale of commercial, residential and retail properties

    • Commercial & corporate issues

    • Sale and leaseback transactions

    • Leasing and lease negotiations

    • Commercial disputes

    • Contract reviews

    • Joint venture agreements

    • Project development agreements

    • Tax advice

    • Trademark and Intellectual property registration

    • Company registration

    • Corporate structuring

    • Corporate general counsel services

    • Corporate due diligence

We also have a highly specialised small to medium business purchase/sale practice with a streamlined process that allows us to obtain effective and efficient results at the most competitive prices.

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