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Employment matters such as redundancy and dismissal can be a tough decision for employers to make and difficult for employees to face. We can advise employers about their rights to terminate employment contracts and we can ensure that employees get the entitlements that they deserve.

Employment Law

The growing area of employment law requires great care and skill and up-to-date expertise as employment law is constantly evolving. We have expert lawyers who will be able to advise you on your employment law-related matter with upfront and honest advice.

An employee’s entitlement may be relatively small in the eyes of an employer, but can make a huge impact on an employee. We will advocate on your behalf for your entitlements and ensure that our legal fees are properly proportionate to your claim.

Kabo Lawyers also enjoys a special relationship with many employment law-specialist barristers whose experience can make the difference of an extra zero on the end of your final paycheque.

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